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as•sev•e•rate (uh-sev'-uh-reyt)  v

to declare earnestly or solemnly; affirm positively; aver

asseverated past participle; asseverated past tense; asseverating present participle; asseverates 3rd person singular present; asseveration noun; asseverative adjective

Synonyms: assert, state, maintain
Related Words: severe; persevere, from per- "very" + severus "stern, strict, serious"

Sentence Examples:
• And I offer to those who have so interpreted me a declaration which I trust may relieve them from all responsibility of this kind in future; I hereby declare, asseverate, affirm, and whatever else means to swear, that I never have offered and never intend to offer any history whatever of my personal experience, social, literary, or emotional, to the readers of any magazine, newspaper, novel, or correspondence whatever. -1860, Atlantic Monthly
• I meet the question squarely and asseverate that protection does not raise prices. The opposite statement and the argument which backs it up, I purpose to state fairly, for we now come to the famous revenue-reform dilemma. -1921
• Even Mrs Walker and her daughter, and the Miss Prettymans, had so far given way that they had ceased to asseverate their belief in Mr Crawley’s innocence. -The Last Chronicle of Barset, Anthony Trollope

The Storyline
Anna asseverated to herself, "Changes will be made, changes must be made!"

1785–95; From Latin asseverare "to declare in earnest", from ad- "to" + severus "serious". Ultimately from the Indo-European root segh- "to hold", which is also the source of words such as hectic, scheme, scholar, and cathect.

Sources: Wordsmith

Why This Word:
I hereby do solemnly affirm and assert the value in brevity and conciseness in language and thereby the value in using one word in the place of "solemnly affirm and assert."

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