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xe•ni•al (ZEE-nee-uhladj

1. pertaining to hospitality, or to the rights, privileges, standing, or treatment of a guest, or to the relations between a guest and his host; specifically, noting such relations, etc., in Greek antiquity
2. hospitable, especially to visiting strangers or foreigners

xenia noun

1895–1900;  from Neo-Latin  from Greek xenía  "hospitality" from xenos  "guest"

Sentence Examples:
• The economic base of the Pacific Coastal People centered on the ceremony, prominence, and xenial protocol of the potlatch, with the accruement and distribution of property. - Encyclopedia of race, ethnicity, and society, Richard T. Schaefer

• We all remember Mr. Myers for his ever xenial, happy, cheerful spirit. To know him was to appreciate his sunny, hopeful disposition and to desire his friendship. - Bulletin: Bureau of Chemistry, 1900

• Again, it is curious to observe that the xenial relation was not less vivacious than that of blood. - Studies on Homer and the Homeric, William E. Gladstone

Sources: Wordnik, Dictionary.com

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