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jen•tac•u•lar (jen-TAK-yuh-luhr)  adj

of or relating to breakfast, especially a breakfast taken early in the morning, or immediately on getting up

from Latin jentaculum “a breakfast taken immediately on getting up” and English -ar

Sentence Examples:
• He rode his favourite hobby of gardening, and took his regular 'ante-jentacular' and 'post-prandial' walks, and played battledore and shuttlecock in the intervals of codification. -The English Utilitarians, Leslie Stephen

• To us, the amount of strong liquor consumed from medieval to comparatively recent times is a matter of surprise, and sometimes even of Pharisaical comment; but 150 years ago a college Head was fulminating against tea and coffee drinking as "a fashionable vice which leads only to squandering of money and misspending the morning in jentacular confabulations." - A cyclopedia of education, Paul Monroe

• To valetudinarians and others the following method of making coffee for breakfast is earnestly recommended, as a most wholesome and pleasant jentacular beverage, first ordered by an able physician. - The new family receipt book, 1810

Sources: WordSmith, Wiktionary

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