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wo•rd•e (BAL-nee-uhl)  adj

of or relating to baths or bathing
balneary adjective; balneation noun
from Latin balneum "bath", from Greek balaneion "bathing room, bath"

Sentence Examples:
• But, perhaps the most natural supposition is, that this may be a balneal chair; for lying immediately within the frame of it were found the strigils, and also the little earthenware cup or urn. The strigils, it need hardly be said, were instruments chiefly used in the baths; Juvenal describing preparations for the bath, says, sonat unctis strigilibus. -Archaeologia: or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, 1836

• Being here for a distillation of Rheum that pains me in one of my Arms, and having had about three thousand strokes of a pump upon me in the Queen's Bath; and having been here now divers days, and view'd the several qualities of these Waters, I fell to contemplate a little what should be the reason of such extraordinary actual heat, and medicinal Virtue in them. ... I find that some impute it to Wind, or Air, or some Exhalations shut up in the Bowels of the Earth, which either by their own nature, or by their violent motion and agitation, or attrition upon rocks, and narrow passages, do gather heat, and so impart it to the Waters. Others attribute this balneal heat to the Sun, whose allsearching Beams penetrating the pores of the Earth, do heat the Waters. -Epistolæ Ho-Elianæ, James Howell

• Of these, the most important was undoubtedly Ad Mediam, where the springs were tapped and pipes, pools and buildings for balneal treatment were constructed. -Leisure, pleasure, and healing,Esti Dvorjetski

Sources: Free Dictionary

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