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sus•pire (suh-SPAHY-r)  v

1. to breathe
2. to sigh

suspiration noun

 mid-15c., from L. suspirare "to draw a deep breath, sigh," from sub "under" + spirare "to breathe"

Synonyms: breathe, sigh
Related Words:
transpire  - from L. trans- "through"  + spirare "to breathe"
respire - from L. respirare "breathe again, breathe in and out," from re- "again" + spirare "to breathe"
aspire - from L. ad- "to" + spirare "to breathe"
expire - from L. ex- "out" + spirare "to breathe"
conspire - lit. "to breathe together," from L. com- "together" + spirare "to breathe"
perspire - from L. perspirare "blow or breathe constantly," from per- "through" + spirare "to breathe, blow"
inspire - from L. inspirare "inspire, inflame, blow into," from in- "in" + spirare "to breathe"

Sentence Examples:
• Every time the Military Band began to breathe a new Waltz he would have Otto bring a Tub of the Dark Brew and a Frankfurter about the size of a Sash Weight. Between pulls he would suspire deeply, so as to get the full assistance of the Climate. Sometimes he would feel that he was being benefited. -Ade's Fables, George Ade

• And when beside my winter fire
  I feel its fragrant leaves suspire,
  Hung from my hearth-beam on a hook,
  Or laid within a quiet book
  There to awake dear ghosts of men
      When pages ope that press them--
          Then, oh, then
  I think upon old friends and bless them.
-Punch, or the London Charivari

•   The Hours passed by, with veiled eyes endowed
    Of dream, and parted lips that scarce suspire,
  To breathing dusk and arrowy moonlight vowed,
    South wind and shadowy grove and murmuring
  Swaying they moved, as drows'd of wizard spells
  Or tranc'd with sight of recent miracles,
  And yet they trembled, down their folded wings
  Quivered the hint of sweet withholden things,
    Ah, bitter-sweet in their intensity!
  One paused and said unto my wonderings:
    "Lo, I am Love; I bid thee follow me!"
-Dreams and Dust, by Don Marquis

Sources: Free Dictionary, Online Etymology

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