Word of The Day for Saturday, February 5, 2011


bi•ba•cious (by-BAY-shuhs)  adj

overly fond or addicted to drinking; disposed to imbibe

from Latin bibere "to drink"

Synonyms: bibulous, drunken, alcoholic, boozy
Related Words: bib, bibulous, imbrue, beverage, imbibe, beer

Sentence Examples:
• "It's moonlight, I reckon," said Mike, who was just meditating over his last draught, and his consequent departure from this bibacious paradise.  - Traditions of Lancashire, John Roby

• But I had the impression that the author of the Spectator was afflicted with a dropsy, or some such inflated malady, to which persons of sedentary and bibacious habits are liable. -The Poet at the Breakfast Table, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

• Now the original proposition, commencing with the word “take,” was meant by its propounder to achieve its climax in “a seat on one of the hall chairs;” but the liquid inferences of A1, with a dark lantern, had the desired effect, and induced a command from Mr. Adolphus Casay to the small essential essence of condensed valetanism in the person of Jim Pipkin, to produce the case-bottles for the discussion of the said A1, with the dark lantern, who gained considerably in the good opinion of Mr. James Pipkin, by requesting the favour of his company in the bibacious avocation he so much delighted in.- Punch, or The London Charivari

Sources: Wordsmith, Wordnik, Online Etymology

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