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un•gui•nous (UHNG-gwi-nuhs)  adj

resembling, containing, or consisting of fat or oil; greasy; oily

1595–1605; from Latin unguinosus,  equivalent to unguin-  (stem of unguen ) "ointment" + -osus  -ous

Synonyms: fatty, greasy, adipose, butyraceous, lubricous, oleaginous, unctuous
Related Words: ointment, anoint, unction, unctuous

Sentence Examples:
• Carson swore that the words, "we are betrayed" in her unguinous message referred to the intimate relationship between Carson and Mitchell, not to the robbery.12 Despite her lawyer Zeligman Philips's arguments that the court was at fault for trying accessories to a crime before it tried the principals, Carson was pronounced guilty as charged and sentenced to two years in prison. -Dangerous to know, Susan Branson

• It did not help that Evelyn fed Darren bitter stories about Warren's relatives, with whom Evelyn herself maintained, during those first years, an honorary civility. Evelyn welcomed them in her various homes with unguinous familiarity, but the boy remain mute and rebarbative in their presence. -Depraved Indifference, Gary Indiana

• His hair slicked back, unguinous. It was greased completely to prevent any stray locks from escaping. The black shimmer of his crown contrasted with his natural dull eyebrows. It gave the unsettling impression of borrowed hair. -Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring, Zach Plague

Sources: Dictionary.com

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