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i•ra•cund (AHY-ruh-kuhnd)  adj

easily angered, irascible

iracundity noun

1815–25; Latin iracundus,  equivalent to ira- "anger" + -cundus  "inclined to"

Synonyms: irascible, choleric, angry, irritable
Related Words: irascible, irate, ire

Sentence Examples:
• That particular chancellor, whom the chronology of the case brought chiefly into connection with Miss Watson's interests, was (if my childish remembrances do not greatly mislead me) the iracund Lord Thurlow. -Memorials and Other Papers, Thomas de Quincey

• "I thought you were in it," replied the mayor, turning very red in the face, for he had heard of Mr. Pullwool as the leader of said ring; andbbeing an iracund man, he was ready to knock his head off. -An Inspired Lobbyist, J. W. DeForest

• Dryasdust knows only that these Preussen were a strong-boned, iracund herdsman-and-fisher people; highly averse to be interfered with, in their religion especially. -History Of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Thomas Carlyle

Sources: Free Dictionary, Dictionary.com

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