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bom•bi•nate (BOM-buh-neyt)  v

to buzz, hum or drone

bombination noun

1880; from L. bombinare, corrupted from bombitare "to hum, buzz," from bombus "a deep, hollow sound; hum, buzz"

Synonyms:buzz, hum, drone
Related Words: bomb

Sentence Examples:
•For the same reasons for which the theatre cannot be a power for good, it cannot be a power for evil. The comedian, unless he wishes to bombinate in a vacuum — which is not the goal of the ordinary comedian's desire—can no more afford to be more immoral than he can afford to be more moral than his audience. - Rousseau and the women he loved, Francis Henry Gribble

• Like his co-workers he had been somewhat stampeded by Dorn's imitative faculties, faculties which enabled the former journalist to bombinate twice as loud in a void three times as great as any of his colleagues. - Erik Dorn, Ben Hecht

• The question as to the closer connection between ourselves and the engineers is a very broad one, and it would be unwise for us to commit ourselves at this moment to anything upon it. We must leave it to bombinate in our heads and in those of our engineering friends for some time to come. - Sessional Papers of the Royal Institute of British Architects, 1865

Sources: Free Dictionary, Online Etymology

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