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di•vid•u•al (dih-VIJ-oo-uhl)  adj

1. divisible or divided
2. separate; distinct
3. distributed; shared
from Latin from dividuus "divisible," from dividere "divide"

Synonyms: divisible
Antonym: individual, from in- "not" + dividuus "divisible"
Related Words: divide, individual

Sentence Examples:
• Then would the memory of past days return to me; yet I had the same trust in Heaven as I had before, seeing that they were the dividual stars above my head which I used to glour up at in wonder at Dalkeith--pleasant Dalkeith! - The Life of Mansie Wauch, David Macbeth Moir

• The soul of Lilith lay naked to the torture of pure interpenetrating inward light. She began to moan, and sigh deep sighs, then murmur as holding colloquy with a dividual self: her queendom was no longer whole; it was divided against itself. - Lilith, George MacDonald

• But you know that I honour you, and that I love whom I honour. Love and esteem with me have no dividual being; and wherever this is not the case, I suspect there must be some lurking moral superstition which nature gets the better of; and that the real meaning of the phrase "I love him though I cannot esteem him," is--I esteem him, but not according to my system of esteem. - Biographia Epistolaris, Samual Taylor Coleridge

Sources: Dictionary.com, Online Etymology

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