Word of The Day for Thursday, May 12, 2011


no•sis•m (NO-siz-em)  n

the use of 'we' in referring to oneself

nosist noun;  nosistic adjective

from Latin nos "we" + ism

Related Words:for comparison, see illeism

Sentence Examples:
• Jennifer did such a good job introducing this blog that I have very little to add. You may have noticed that she kept writing in the first person plural. This was not nosism but an acknowledgment that there are two of us here. Cooking for Jesus: Celebrating the Christian Year

• While I do appreciate the advances that it brought in many ways, I am sick of the individuality that permeates avery aspect of our modern lonely life. At the other extreme, the traditional way of hiding ones results or opinions under an academic nosism ... is equally appalling today, but I may be hypersensitive in this regard due to my experiences. -Christian Luczanits

• I refer to myself sometimes as "we." Kind of like a nosism, except my reasons are more like "I'm schizophrenic" rather than "I'm better than you." - Much Love, Jane

• The problem is we (excuse my nosism) like the status quo: uninhibited, unrestrained Discovery Channel out-on-the-prowl lifestyle with the freedom to start a relationship with whoever's out there, instead of just settling on whoever's right here. - Huffington Post, Jeff Katz

• Oft derided for his brash behavior and frequent use of nosism, Rickey Henderson is, I believe, simply misunderstood. Which is understandable. - Rickey says Rickey

• We must avoid both egoism and nosism in order to realize the glory of humanity. - Philosophy, Humanity and Ecology, J. Odera Oruka

Sources: Wordsmith

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