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mac•e•rate (MAS-uh-reyt) 

1. to make soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid
2. to separate into constituents by soaking
3. to cause to become lean, usually as if by excessive fasting
4. to become soft or separated into constituents by soaking
5. to become thin
macerated past participle; macerated past tense; macerating present participle; macerates 3rd person singular present; macerater, macerator, maceration noun; macerative adjective

1547; from L. maceratus, pp. of macerare "soften," related to maceria "garden wall," originally "of kneaded clay," from PIE base *mag-/*meg- "to knead"

Synonyms: liquefy, emaciate, soak, soften, steep
Related Words: mason

Sentence Examples:
• An emulsion of almonds is useful in chest affections. It is made by well macerating the nuts in a nut butter machine, and mixing with orange or lemon juice. - Food Remedies, Florence Daniel

• Take large fresh berries. Wash and drain thoroughly. Macerate and strain the juice through a piece of muslin. - The Woman Beautiful, Helen Follett Stevans

• Place the galls and the cloves in a gallon bottle, pour upon them the water, and let them macerate, with frequent agitation, for a fortnight. Press, and filter through paper into another gallon bottle. - Printing Recipes, J. Sawtelle Ford

Sources: Free Dictionary, Online Etymology

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