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tur•o•phile (TOOR-uh-fahyl, TYOOR-, TUR-)  n

a connoisseur or lover of cheese
1938; irregular from Greek tyros "cheese" + English -phile; modern coinage; popularized by Clifton Fadiman on American TV quiz show Information Please in 1952

Sentence Examples:
• There are two schools of salamandering among turophiles. One holds that it toughens the cheese and makes it less digestible; the other that it's simply swell. - The Complete Book of Cheese, Robert Carlton Brown

• Mass-produced cheeses are frequently described as mediocre by the turophile, but in all justice it should be mentioned that not all farm-made cheeses were great and some were truly bad. - Meal management, Faye Kinder, Nancy R. Green

• “Leave the package unopened in a cupboard,”a German fellow turophile told me,“and as soon as you can smell it,it's ready to eat.” The smell, when it came, reminded me of diaper pails, a feature of my childhood that, with the advent of disposable diapers, is destined to be entirely forgotten by current and future generations. - Starting from Scratch: Memoirs of a Wandering Cook, Patty Kirk

Sources: Dictionary.com, Merriam-Webster, Wiktionary

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