Word of The Day for Sunday, March 6, 2011


ill•e•ism (IL-ee-ism)  n

the act of referring to oneself in the third person

illeist noun

from Latin ille “that man; he” + -ism (modelled on egoism)

Sentence Examples:
• Since joining the National Basketball Association, the lanky Australian has echoed the illeists of America’s sporting elite. “This is such a great day in the life of Andrew Bogut, the family of Andrew Bogut,” said Andrew Bogut.

• Well, one possible contribution to toddler illeism is parental illeism, as in "Mommy has to go now".

• There are places where Yahweh, speaking in the first person, refers to himself-or to someone else-as "Yahweh." This is formal illeism, though further complicated by the presence of a number of divine titles.

Sources: Wikipedia, Wiktionary

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