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an•a•bi•o•sis (an-uh-bahy-OH-sis)  n

1. a restoring to life from a deathlike condition; resuscitation
2. a state of suspended animation, especially one in which certain aquatic invertebrates are able to survive long periods of drought

anabiotic adjective
1885–90;  from Neo-Latin  from Greek anabíosis  "a coming back to life", equivalent to anabio-,  variant stem of anabioûn  "to return to life"  + -sis

Sentence Examples:
• The Japanese have their sushi prepared from resuscitated fish flown, in a state of anabiosis (organic rhythm slowed through refrigeration), from wherever the beloved delicacies are still available. - The Civilization of Illiteracy, Mihai Nadin

• John Hunter, supported by his experiments on anabiosis, hoped to prolong the life of man indefinitely by alternate freezing and thawing; and the Veronese Colonel Aless. Guaguino made his contemporaries believe that a race of men existed in Russia, of which the individuals died regularly every year on the 27th of November, and returned to life on the 24th of the following April. - The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead, Sir James George Frazer

• In 2037 it was discovered that the Chinese were cheating on both treaties. Having worked out a successful technique for suspended animation, they were placing huge military reserves in anabiosis in caves throughout restricted areas of China, until the time came to overwhelm the world. - Science-fiction: the Gernsback years, Everett Franklin Bleiler, Richard Bleiler

Sources: Free  Dictionary, Dictionary.com

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