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rob•or•ant (ROB-er-uhnt)

restoring vigor or strength
a restorative or tonic
1655–65; from Latin roborare "to strengthen", from robur, robus "strength," also "a special kind of oak"

Synonyms: tonic, energizing, invigorating, refreshing, reinvigorating, renewing, restorative, rousing, stimulating
Related Words: corroborate, robust

Sentence Examples:
• Extract of malt I have employed as a roborant, either alone or in conjunction with iron, in cases of debility and malnutrition, and found it of service. - The Electric Bath, George M. Schweig

• Like so many other things in medicine we owe the use of roborants to empiricism. The beneficial roborant action of a large number of remedies was determined in an empirical manner, and these were employed for a long time without any scientific explanation of their action. - Clinical excerpts, 1904

• The therapeutic action of the albumoses may be briefly summarized as follows: They act, first, as appetizers: second, by promoting intestinal functions; and, third, as nutrients. Their general effect is eminently roborant, and hence their supply for therapeutic purposes the best, because the most natural tonics. - Occidental Medical Times, 1902

Sources: Free Dictionary, WordSmith

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