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in•qui•nate (IN-kwuh-neyt)  v tr

to defile; to corrupt; to pollute; to contaminate

inquination noun

from Latin inquinatus, past part. of inquinare “polluting”, from in- + -quinare

Synonyms: maculate, taint, infect, contaminate, poison, empoison, corrupt, exulcerate, pollute, vitiate, defile, deprave, degrade, ulcerate, stain

Sentence Examples:
• Spanish clay should, prior to its use, be finely pulverised, and then be kept for twenty-four hours in water, in which about 1 oz. of sulphuric acid has been mixed for every gallon. After twenty-four hours, the acidulated water is decanted, and the clay then washed in fresh water two or three times. This is necessary to remove all the carbonates which inquinate commercial Spanish clay. - The Agricultural gazette of New South Wales, Charles Lennox Anderson, W. H. Clarke, F. G. Chomley

• The individual soul is absolutely different from the highest Self; it is inquinated by the contact with its different limiting adjuncts. But it is spoken of, in the Upanishad, as non-different from the highest Self because after having purified itself by means of knowledge and meditation it may pass out of the body and become one with the highest Self. - The Vedanta-Sutras with the Commentary, Sankaracarya

• Mists and fogs, containing commonly vegetable spirits, when they dissolve and return upon the earth, may fecundate and add some fertility unto it, but they may be more unwholesome in great cities than in country habitations: for they consist of vapours not only elevated from simple watery and humid places, but also the exhalations of draughts, common sewers, and foetid places, and decoctions used by unwholesome and sordid manufactures: and also hindering the sea-coal smoke from ascending and passing away, it is conjoined with the mist and drawn in by the breath, all which may produce bad effects, inquinate the blood, and produce catarrhs and coughs. - The Works of Sir Thomas Browne

Sources: Free Dictionary, Merriam-Webster

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