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fu•nam•bu•late (fu-NAM-byoo-leyt)  v

to walk or dance on ropes; to tightrope walk
funambuted past participle; funambuted past tense; funambuting present participle; funambutes 3rd person singular present; funambulation, funambulist, funambulism, funambulater noun; funambulatingly, funambulatedly adverb

from French funambule from, Latin funambulus, from funis "rope" + ambulare "walk"

Related Words: funicular, ambulate, amble, ambulance

Sentence Examples:
• Walking the tight rope In the olden day, funambulists (pelhoonash: roughly: 'free fliers') were crowd favourites throughout Vainakh lands and they were a source of pride to their families. Cadets were taught the art of funambulation from early age. - The Chechens, Amjad M. Jaimoukha
• In due course the intrepid rope-walker — who, despite all predictions to the contrary, did not break his neck and dash himself to pieces, but perversely lived on to a great old age, dying comfortably in his bed a few years ago—betook himself to Sydenham Grounds to arrange the fixing of his high rope in order that he might airily funambulate from tower to tower, so to speak. - Sixty years' stage service, Henry Chance Newton
• Hither my father proposed to wade or swim, or, who knows, perhaps proceed by some private method of funambulation, should he be surprised in Scarborough by the returning Germans and unable to make a get-away in Dr. Mallard's motor. - Laughter in the Next Room, Osbert Sitwell

Sources: Websters, Wiktionary

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