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xy•lo•graph (ZAHY-luh-graf)  n

1. an engraving on wood
2. an impression from a woodblock

1860–65; from Gk. xylon "wood"  + -graph "something written"

Synonym: woodcut

Related Words: xylophone

Sentence Examples:
• The better rooms are frescoed with Buddhistic paintings, and on the third floor is a library, now used as a hospital, where xylograph editions of the Lamaist scriptures and lives of the saints are pigeon-holed in lockers in the wall.  - The Unveiling of Lhasa, by Edmund Candler

• There can be no doubt of the whole of this production being xylographical. Unluckily, this fine copy has the first and last pages of the text in MS. The other pages, with blank reverses, are faintly impressed in brown ink: especially the first, which seems to be injured. - Principia typographica, Samuel Leigh Sotheby

• Manuscripts, whether handsomely embellished or copied simply without ornament, were expensive luxuries which only the rich could purchase. With the revival of learning, for students in general, for the poorer classes, for school children, cheap books costing as little as possible, but serving the same end as the manuscript, were necessary, and the xylograph came at its hour. - Early woodcut initials, Oscar Jennings

Sources: Free Dictionary, Dictionary.com

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