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yips (yips)  n

the apparent loss of certain fine motor skills seemingly without explanation in one of a number of different sports, esp golf

[Golfer Tommy] Armour is believed to have coined the term "yips" to describe the nervous affliction that makes short putts treacherous for some golfers. He said of the yips, "Once you've had 'em, you've got 'em."

Sentence Examples:
• But during the playoffs, Ankiel got a case of the yips as he couldn't find the strike zone. In one inning, he walked four batters and threw five wild pitches — an event not witnessed since 1890 — before manager Tony La Russa mercifully removed him. - Time, 2009

• And he was far from alone; the yips often robs a golfer of the ability to sink even the most routine putts. - The Body Has a Mind of Its Own, Sandra Blakeslee, Matthew Blakeslee

• The yips afflict people performing a variety of professions, including musicians, stenographers, dentists, and surgeons. Thy are most likely to hit folks who overuse the muscles involved in guiding precision movements. So it's no surprise that as Mia's dad ups his time on the green, his likelihood of experiencing the yips increases as well. - Defending a Small Continent, Hugh White, Sian Beilock

Sources: Wikipediia, About.com

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