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jounce (jouns)

to move or cause to move with bumps and jolts; bounce
a rough, jolting movement; a jolt

mid-15c., of unknown origin, perhaps a blend of jump and bounce

Synonyms: bounce, bump, jar, jolt, jolting

Sentence Examples:
• A jounce sent them flying towards each other; they collided and recoiled, regarding one another in breathless indignation. -A Young Man in a Hurry, Robert W. Chambers

• Steadying himself, he trained his guns on the leading plane and fired. His tracers streaked out and seemed to be cutting the Zero's left wing in two, but the Jap craft continued to come boiling in at the big four-engined bomber. Lumps of lead began to bounce and jounce around in Dawson's stomach. -Guadalcanal, by Robert Sydney Bowen

• I might have if I hadn't tumbled into the bushes, Tom. Gracious, how the buckboard did jounce up and down! -The Rover Boys on the Farm, Arthur M. Winfield

Sources: Free Dictionary, Online Etymology

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