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yash•mak (yahsh-MAHK, YASH-mak)  n
also yashmac or yasmak

a veil worn by Muslim women that is wrapped around the upper and lower parts of the face so that only the eyes remain exposed to public view

1844; Turkish yaşmak

Sentence Examples:
• The girl wore absolutely nothing except a Yashmak and a zone of blue jewels across her breasts and hips. -The Moonlit Way, by Robert W. Chambers

• But he is the writer society delights in, to show what it is composed of. A man brazen enough to declare that he could hold us in suspense about the adventures of a broomstick, with the aid of a yashmak and an ankle, may know the world; you had better not know him—that is my remark; and do not trust him. -The Amazing Marriage, Complete, by George Meredith

• Most of these qualities, I am aware, are found in many another pair of lambent, dreamy eyes half-hidden by the soft folds of a yashmak--eyes which these houris often flash on some poor devil of a giaour, knowing how safe they are and how slim his chance for further acquaintance. -The Veiled Lady, by F. Hopkinson Smith

Sources: Merriam-Webster

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