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wam•ble (WOM-buhl) 

verb intr.
1. to move unsteadily; to totter, waver, roll, etc
2. to feel nausea
3. (of a stomach) To rumble or growl

1. an unsteady motion
2. a feeling of nausea

14c; from Middle English wamelen "to feel nausea",  from Indo-European root wem- "to vomit"

Related Words: vomit, emetic

Sentence Examples:
• I fancy the waves begin to work, for my belly I'm sure begins to wamble. -Blackwood's magazine,1819

• I'll have to take you there. It's a cheery sensation, you know, to find a man who has some imagination, but who has been unspoiled by Interesting People, and take him to hear them wamble. They sit around and growl and rush the growler—I hope you know growler-rushing— and rejoice that they're free spirits. Being Free, of course, they're not allowed to go and play with nice people, for when a person is Free, you know, he is never free to be anything but Free. That may seem confusing, but they understand it at Olympia's. -Our Mr. Wrenn, Sinclair Lewis

• When the Galatian heard these things, and perceived the poison to wamble up and down and indispose his body, he ascended his chariot, hoping to be relieved by the jogging and shaking. -Plutarch's lives

Sources: Wordsmith

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