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qua•qua•ver•sal (kwey-kwuh-VUR-suhl)  adj

sloping downward from the center in all directions,  like a dome

quaquaversally adverb

1720–30; from Latin quaqua "in every direction" + versus "towards" literally, "wheresoever turned, turned everywhere" + -al

Related Words: versus, anniversary, universe, introvert, extroversion, versatile, revert, tergiversation, transverse, avert, obverse, pervert, invert, subvert, divert, controversy, convert, malversation, adverse, conversation, universal

Sentence Examples:
• You just got this quaquaversal acreage ranging out everywhere. Dog don't like to squat on such a terrain. -Work shirts for madmen, George Singleton

• It has been shown that the dips observed in at least three localities are quaquaversal and the expression of dome structure. Nowhere in the area does the strike and dip of the beds conform to an anticlinal or synclinal structure. The dips seem everywhere to be quaquaversal, and it is believed that all of the tilted Niagara beds of northern Indiana represent small domes similar to those at Huntington and Wabash. -Indiana. Dept. of Geology and Natural Resources, 1904

• Where such a quaquaversal structure stands alone it is simply called a dome. A knowledge of these domes is essential to intelligent prospecting as they make oil territory "spotted." -Practical oil geology, Dorsey Hager

Sources: Dictionary.com

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