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ster•nu•ta•tor•y (ster-NOO-tuh-tohr-ee)

causing or having the effect of sneezing
an agent or substance that causes sneezing
sternutation noun; sternutative adjective

1610–20;  from Late Latin sternutatorius,  equivalent to sternutare "to sneeze", frequentative of sternuere "to sneeze" + -torius -tory

Sentence Examples:
• "Good snuff is not to be sneezed at," said Major Favraud. "None offered to young ladies, it seems," taking a huge pinch, and thrusting it bravely up his nostrils, as one takes a spoonful of unpleasant medicine. Then contradicting his own assertion immediately afterward, he succeeded in expelling most of it in a series of violent sternutatory spasms, which left him breathless, red-faced, and watery-eyed, with a handkerchief much begrimed.  -Sea and Shore, Mrs. Catharine A. Warfield

• The odour of the fresh plant is rather unpleasant, and the taste acrid, herbaceous, and astringent; and the powdered leaves act as a strong sternutatory. -The Botanist's Companion, William Salisbury

• Columbus first beheld smokers in the Antilles. Pizarro found chewers in Peru, but it was in the country discovered by Cabral that the great sternutatory was originally found. Brazilian Indians were the Fathers of snuff, and its best fabricators. -Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce, E. R. Billings

Sources: Free Dictionary, Dictionary.com

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