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tha•las•sic (thuh-LAS-ik)  adj

1. of or pertaining to seas and oceans
2. of or pertaining to smaller bodies of water, as seas and gulfs, as distinguished from large oceanic bodies
3. growing, living, or found in the sea; marine
1883; from French thalassique, from Greek thalassa "sea"

Synonyms: marine, Neptunian, abyssal, aquatic, littoral, maritime, natatorial, nautical, pelagic, sea, seafaring

Sentence Examples:
• Primitive peoples carry a drag upon their migrations in their restricted geographical outlook; ignorance robs them of definite goals. The evolution of the historical movement is accelerated by every expansion of the geographical horizon. It progresses most rapidly where the knowledge of outlying or remote lands travels fastest, as along rivers and thalassic coasts.  -Influences of Geographic Environment, Ellen Churchill Semple

• That's Dynamite Island; the Kragans have an explosives-plant there. They make nitroglycerine, like all the thalassic peoples; they also make TNT and propellants. Learned that from us, of course. They also manufacture most of their own firearms, some of them pretty extreme—up to 25-mm. for shoulder rifles. Don't ever fire one; it'd break every bone in your body. -Ullr Uprising, Henry Beam Piper

• America belatedly returned to larger thalassic preoccupations in the 1890s. Models of territorial imperium are useless to explain what happened thereafter. So also is the supposition that thalassic power is a kind of unprincipled globalization in which American vices are projected indiscriminately across the surface of the globe. -Global Creation, Simon Marginson, Peter Murphy, Michael A. Peters

Sources: Dictionary.com, Merriam-Webster

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