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ar•e•na•ceous (ar-uh-NEY-shuhs)  adj

1. resembling, derived from, or containing sand; sandy
2. growing in sandy areas

1640–50; From Latin harnceus, arnceus : harna, arna, sand;  + -ceus, -aceous

Synonyms: ammophilous, arenicolous, granular, gritty, sabulous, sandy, arenose
Related Words: arena:  from L. harena "place of combat," originally "sand, sandy place". The central stages of Roman amphitheaters were strewn with sand to soak up the blood.

Sentence Examples:
• The Arabs say that, once “submerged” beneath the arenaceous “flood”, a man loses the power to extricate himself. His energies are suspended, his senses become numbed and torpid, in short, he feels as one who goes to sleep in a snow-storm. -The Boy Slaves, Mayne Reid

• It would seem that these two ranges skirting a part of the northern and southern banks of the Lower Amazons are not the only remnants of this arenaceous formation in its primitive altitude. -The Atlantic Monthly, 1866

• The carriage rolled over a shaky bridge that spanned the brook, then through fields and an expanse of sand scantily covered with arenaceous plants, in whose roots a pine-seed had nestled here and there, stretching dwarf branches over the waste; then came the woods, with many a gap, where lay nothing but yellow sand, and on all sides stumps overgrown with heath and brambles.  -Debit and Credit, Gustav Freytag

The Storyline
Sluggishly she looked up as if her neck and limbs had become filled by something wet and arenaceous.

Sources: Free Dictionary

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