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lis•som (lis-uhm)  adj
(also lissome, non-standard spelling)

1. easily bent; supple
2. having the ability to move with ease; limber

lissomness noun; lissomly adverb

c.1800, variant of lithesome; O.E. liðe "soft, mild, gentle, meek," from P.Gmc. *linthijaz, from PIE base *lent- "flexible" + some

Synonyms: agile, flexible, graceful, limber, lithe, nimble, pliant
Related Words: lithe

Sentence Examples:
• Brief though their acquaintance had been, both of these lissom young gentlemen admired Sally immensely.  -The Adventures of Sally, P. G. Wodehouse

• Baldassare brooded, chewing straws. What a clear colour that girl had, to be sure! What a lissom rascal it was! A fine long girl like that should be married; by all accounts she would make a man a good wife. -Little Novels of Italy, Maurice Henry Hewlett

• Lauriston thrust his hands in his pockets and looked at the girl in sheer perplexity. She was a very pretty, dark girl, nearly as tall as himself, slender and lissom of figure, and decidedly attractive.- The Orange-Yellow Diamond, J. S. Fletcher

The Storyline
Right on cue, in walked an unfamiliar lissom younger woman who stopped and stood just behind Anna's father.

Sources: Free Dictionary, Online Etymology

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