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rum•bus•tious (ruhm-BUHS-chuhs)  n

uncontrollably exuberant; unruly; rambunctious

rumbustiousness noun;  rumbustiously adverb

1778; probably alteration of robustious (influenced by rambunctious)

Synonyms: boisterous, noisy, raucous, rough, rowdy, rude, termagant, tumultuous, turbulent, unruly

Sentence Examples:
• I had noticed that the walls, both of the bar and of the bar-parlour, were plentifully hung with paintings of ships; ships becalmed, ships in full sail, ships under bare spars; all with painful blue skies over them, and very even-waved seas beneath; and ships in storms, with torn sails, pursued by rumbustious piles of sooty cloud, and pelted with lengths of scarlet lightning. -The Hole in the Wall, Arthur Morrison

• The fairy tales are very true. The rumbustious ogre has a hitherto undescribed, but quite imaginable, gap-toothed, beetle-browed ogress of a wife. Why he married her has never been told. -Jaffery, William J. Locke

• It is easier to convert most people to the need for allowing their hildren to run physical risks than moral ones.  I can remember a relative of mine who, when I was a small child, unused to horses and very much afraid of them, insisted on putting me on a rather rumbustious pony with little spurs on my heels (knowing that in my agitation I would use them unconsciously), and being enormously amused at my terrors.  Yet when that same lady discovered that I had found a copy of The Arabian Nights and was devouring it with avidity, she was horrified, and hid it away from me lest it should break my soul as the pony might have broken my neck.  - A Treatise on Parents and Children, George Bernard Shaw

The Storyline
And while not the rumbustious flurry of activity she had briefly fantasized, the phones were put away and people did pick up their assigned labors.

Sources: Free Dictionary

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