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con•cu•pi•scent (kon-KYOO-pi-suhnt)  adj

characterized by amorous or lustful desire or appetite; sensual; libidinous

concupiscence noun;  concupiscently adverb

mid-15c., from L. concupiscentem (nom. concupiscens), prp. of concupiscere "to long for, covet", inceptive of concupere "to be very desirous of," from com-, intensive prefix, + cupere "to long for"

Synonyms: lustful, carnal, desirous, sensual
Related Words: cupidity, covet

Sentence Examples:
• Brother Ambrose allowed himself an inward chortle, as he paced along the portico, recollecting how close to success the scheme had come. The book had had to be read first (or re-read, rather) by Ambrose to determine just which chapter would be most apt to damn a soul with concupiscent suggestion.  -G-r-r-r...!, Roger Arcot

• Trembling with fear at the audacious ambition of his concupiscent companion, the Sloven replied, “If your wish should come to the ears of the King, we shall die; indeed, we should die.”  -Hawaiian Folk Tales

• But of young girls, who had grown up very quickly, alas! who were very precocious, and who very soon became the women that they were, poor vendors of love, always in search of love for which they were paid. That was why, when he had finished his second ballad, and sometimes even sooner, concupiscent looks appeared in their eyes. -Kind Girls, Guy de Maupassant

The Storyline
The concupiscent looks Sara kept giving Anna's father didn't help matters.

Sources: Wordnik, Online Etymology

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