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or•o•tund (AWR-uh-tuhnd)  adj

1. marked by fullness, strength, and clarity of sound : sonorous
2. pompous, bombastic

orotundity noun

1799; modification of Latin ore rotundo, literally, with round mouth

Synonyms: ostentatious, bombastic, clear, pompous, resonant, resounding, rich, sonorous, stentorian
Related Words: rotund

Sentence Examples:
• The orotund quality which is so effective in impassioned utterance, and in the expression of deep, forcible, and sublime emotions, is nothing more than pure tone increased in extent of volume, and in intensity of force. This modification of pure tone is very full, very rounds very smooth, and very highly resonant or ringing. -The American Union Speaker, John D. Philbrick

• There is one criticism that has been constantly brought against Morris, and although he answered this criticism a thousand times during his life, it still springs fresh—put forth by little men who congratulate themselves on having scored a point. They ask in orotund, "How could William Morris expect to benefit society at large, when all of the products he manufactured were so high in price that only the rich could buy them?" -Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Elbert Hubbard

• "The dynasty of the house of Thornton must end to-day!" boomed Niles, in his best orotund. Thornton found eyes in the crowd that blinked appreciation. Quizzical wrinkles deepened in his broad face. He plucked a cigar from his waistcoat-pocket and held it down toward Mr. Niles. -The Ramrodders, Holman Day

The Storyline
She reached her desk again and attempted to bury herself in her work. "Anna," she heard and froze for a moment at the recognition of that unmistakable orotund voice.

Sources: Merriam-Webster

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