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quean (kween)  n

1. an overly forward, impudent woman; shrew; hussy.
2. a prostitute.
3. Scots. a girl or young woman, esp. a robust one.

before 1000;  ME quene,  OE cwene;  c. MD quene, kone,  OS, OHG quena,  Goth qino  < Gmc *kweno-n-;  akin to OE cwe-n  woman, queen

Synonyms: bimbo, floozy, harlot, hussy, jezebel, slattern, tramp, wench

Sentence Examples:
• Well at length he was admitted, and made a member of the family, in which he demeaned himself so well by his willingness to run or go or do any service how mean so ever that he had got the good will of all the whole houshold, only the kitchin maid being a curst quean, and knowing him to be an under servant to her, domineered over him and used him very coursely and roughly, of which he would never complain, though he had cause enough. -The History of Sir Richard Whittington, T. H.

• ExAs fit as ten groats is for the hand of an attorney, as your
French crown for your taffety punk, as Tib's rush for Tom's
forefinger, as a pancake for Shrove Tuesday, a morris for Mayday,
as the nail to his hole, the cuckold to his horn, as a scolding
quean to a wrangling knave, as the nun's lip to the friar's
mouth; nay, as the pudding to his skin.
-All's Well That Ends Well, William Shakespeare

•UNLUCKILY, a neighbour's prying eyes
Beheld their playful pranks with great surprise,
She, from her window, could the scene o'erlook;
When this the fond gallant observ'd, he shook;
Said he, by heav'ns! our frolicking is seen,
By that old haggard, envious, prying quean;
But do not heed it; instantly he chose
To run and wake his wife, who quickly rose;—
So much the dame he fondl'd and caress'd,
The garden walk she took at his request,
To have a nosegay, where he play'd anew
Pranks just the same as those of recent view,
Which highly gratified our lady fair,
Who felt dispos'd, and would at eve repair,
To her good neighbour, whom she bursting found,
With what she'd seen that morn upon the ground.
-Quotes and Images From The Tales and Novels of Jean de La Fontaine

The Storyline
She hadn't seen him since he ran off with the woman who facetiously became referred to as the quean.

Sources: Dictionary.com

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