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fis•sip•ar•ous (fi-SIP-er-uhs)  adj

1. tending to break up into parts or break away from a main body; factious
2. reproducing by biological fission
3. causing division or fragmenting something

fissiparousness noun;  fissiparously adverb

1874; Latin fissus, past participle of findere + English -parous

Synonyms: bivious
Related Words: fission, fissure, fissile

Sentence Examples:
• In the present educational chaos, school sixth forms are quite bewilderingly fissiparous.  Every one is a "specialist" of some sort or other; specialism means "private work," and if private work enables the gifted few to escape into self-education from the hampering attentions of the form master, it gives the rest a terrible training in the habits of time-wasting and evasion. -The School and the World. Victor Gollancz and David Somervell

• The next point we have to observe is, that in all cases where a cell or a Protozoön multiplies by way of fissiparous division, the process begins in the nucleus. -Darwin, and After Darwin, George John Romanes

• Today Protestant leaders are concerned about their fissiparous tendencies. Latin America already has more than 200 religious organizations, and the Brazilian Methodists are facing the threat of a schism. -Protestants: Conversion in Latin America, Time, 1965

The Storyline
Most workplaces tend to be fissiparous, with various cliques and factions forming. This one was not. The workforce was a unified force. Now only to put that to good end.

Sources: Wordnik, Merriam-Webster

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