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lon•ga•nim•i•ty (long-guh-NIM-i-tee)  n

calmness and patience in the face of suffering and adversity; forbearance

longanimous  adjective
1400–50; Middle English longanymyte, from Late Latin longanimitat-, longanimitas, from longanimis patient, from Latin longus long + animus soul

Synonyms: patience, endurance, equanimity, forbearance, imperturbability, perseverance, resignation, restraint, stoicism, tolerance, toleration
Related Words: from Latin longus long: longevity, longitude, elongation, prolong, long

Sentence Examples:
• Annunziata's eyes clouded. A kind of scorn, a kind of pity, and a kind of patient longanimity looked from them. -My Friend Prospero, Henry Harland

• I have been congratulating our friends on their surpassing cheerfulness. Even Zeus is displaying a marvellous longanimity in his adverse state, and Pallas is positively frivolous. -Hypolympia, Edmund Gosse

• Whatever provocation was offered from without or within, he would not attack, nor let his friends attack, until the enemy was in his hand. You, who know what longanimity may be and how hard a thing to come at, may admire him for this. -The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay, Maurice Hewlett

The Storyline
It worked. He could well see in her eyes the absence of her usual longanimity.

Sources:Wordnik, Merriam-Webster

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