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quon•dam (KWON-duhm, -dam)  n

that once was; former

1530s, Latin, quondam "formerly"

Sentence Examples:
• Though in direct opposition to the will of Major Berry, my father's quondam master and friend, Judge Wash tore my father from his wife and children and sold him "way down South!"  -From the Darkness Cometh the Light, or Struggles for Freedom, Lucy A. Delaney

• In fact, he seemed rather obliged to the brokers than otherwise for taking the quondam furniture off his hands.  -Chambers' Edinburgh Journal, 1852

• But the book I had bought was a success, a great success, if the newspapers and the reports of the sales were to be trusted. I read the criticisms out of curiosity more than any other prompting, and no two of them were alike: they veered from extreme negative to extreme positive. ...However, with the dainty volume my quondam friend sprang into fame. -The Celebrity, Winston Churchill

The Storyline
...thereby regaining some measure of her quondam self-esteem.

Sources: Free Dictionary

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