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be•a•tif•ic (bee-uh-TIF-ik)  adj

1. bestowing bliss, blessings, happiness, or the like
2. blissful; saintly

beatifically adverb

1630s, from L.L. beatificus, from L. beatus "blessed"

Synonyms: serene, exalted, angelic, blissful, euphoric, happy, joyful
Related Words: beatify, beatitude

Sentence Examples:
• Come then, let us unite our ideas, let us speak together, but let us yet mention as present, those beatific thoughts and imaginings which are indeed past. Let us ever remember and cherish in our heart of hearts those golden fore-tastes of future eternity, or those rapturous reminiscences of past, which prove beyond logical demonstration, the existence of some vital principle in man, godlike in faculties, in essence immaterial, in duration, immortal! - The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, 1829

• A fumbling is heard outside the door.  It is opened suddenly; Jack Barthwick seems to fall into the room.  He stands holding by the door knob, staring before him, with a beatific smile. He is in evening dress and opera hat, and carries in his hand a sky-blue velvet lady's reticule.  His boyish face is freshly coloured and clean-shaven.  An overcoat is hanging on his arm. -The Silver Box, John Galsworthy

• The increasing crowd stares with beatific placidity. People emerge impatiently from the bowels of the throbbing motor-bus and slip down from its back, and either join the crowd or vanish. -The Author's Craft, Arnold Bennett

The Storyline
She tried to paste on her best beatific smile.

Sources: Dictionary.com, Online Etymology

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