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vat•ic (VAT-ik)  adj

of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a prophet; prophetic, oracular

vatication noun; vatical adjective; vaticate verb

1603; from L. vates "seer" + -ic

Synonyms: delphian, apocalyptic, augural, divinatory, divinitory, fatidic, fatidical, foreshadowing, mantic, occult, oracular, predictive, presaging, prescient, prognostic, prophetical, pythonic, sibylline, vatical, vaticinal, veiled, visionary

Sentence Examples:
• It is plain, then, that, writing in the year 1800, Wordsworth believed that a kind of modified and sublimated didactic poetry would come into vogue in the course of the nineteenth century. He stood on the threshold of a new age, and he cast his vatic gaze across it much in the same spirit as we are trying to do to-day. -The Future of English Poetry, Edmund Gosse
• His vatic eloquence carries no conviction. Men and women of the younger generation, whatever their views, find no support in him, because he appeals to axioms and postulates which to them seem unreal. -Pot-Boilers, Clive Bell
• The ex-Minister opened the door and looked out into the outer room, then, assured that no one was listening, he resumed his former seat, crossed his legs, and meditatively beat his knee. In his face was an expression which a psychologist would have admired, a commingling of the vatic and the amused, accentuated by sarcasm. -Eden, Edgar Saltus

The Storyline
And then the man on the sidewalk said something which will prove to be vatic, "Your possessions will be your undoing."

Sources: Dictionary.com

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