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sub•do•lous (SUB-duh-luhs)  adj

somewhat crafty; sly; cunning; artful; deceitful

from Latin subdolus, from sub- (slightly) + dolus (deceit)

Synonyms: crafty; sly; cunning; artful; deceitful
Related Words:sedulous: se- "without, apart" + dolo, ablative of dolus "deception, guile"

Sentence Examples:
• We are not denied a glimpse of him as he appears when engaged in the subdolous practices in which common fame makes him an expert; but it is only a glimpse that we get, and a distant one. -The Nation, 1873

• She looked at the subdolous, pale-green eyes, with their predatory restlessness, at the square-blocked, flaccid jaw, and the beefy, animal-like massiveness of the strong neck, at the huge form odorous of gin and cigar smoke, and the great, hairy hands marked with their purplish veinings.  It seemed like a ghost out of some long-past and only half-remembered life. -Phantom Wires, Arthur Stringer

• Such impenetrable prudence on all sides had often blunted the subdolous ingenuity of the architect and plotter of comedies! -Curiosities of Literature, Isaac Disraeli

The Storyline
She knew she was running late and she began planning a subdolous ruse to ease her way into her day.

Sources: Wordnik

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