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gar•ni•ture (GAHR-ni-cher)  n

1. something that garnishes; decoration; adornment
2. a set of plate armor having pieces of exchange for all purposes (armor)

1525–35;  from French, equiv. to Middle French garnir  to garnish  + -ture

Synonyms: adornment, beautification, decoration, embellishment, garnishment, gilding, ornament, ornamentation
Related Words: garnish, garment

Sentence Examples:
•   The snows of winter crown them with a crystal crown,
    And the silver clouds of summer round them cling;
  The autumn's scarlet mantle flows in richness down;
    And they revel in the garniture of spring.
-The Mountains, Washington Gladden, 1859

• No epoch of time can claim a copyright in these immortal fables. They seem never to have been made; and certainly, so long as man exists, they can never perish; but, by their indestructibility itself, they are legitimate subjects for every age to clothe with its own garniture of manners and sentiment, and to imbue with its own morality. -A Wonder Book for Girls & Boys, Nathaniel Hawthorne

•They were mounted on horses or mules of every color, shape, and size,—themselves yellow-faced, ragged, and dirty; nevertheless, their deadly garniture, rifles, revolvers, and bowie-knives, and their fierce and shaggy looks, kept them from being laughed at. -Atlantic Monthly, 1859

The Storyline
And he decorated that story with the garniture of his new station - the layers of clothing, the abandoned shopping cart stuffed with possessions, ready-made cardboard signs for various occasional - playing to expectations he understood only too well

Sources: Dictionary.com

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