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zer•ic (ZEER-ik)  adj

of, pertaining to, or adapted to a dry environment

xerically adverb

1926;  from Greek xerós dry + -ic

hydric, characterized by, relating to, or requiring an abundance of moisture
mesic, characterized by, relating to, or requiring a moderate amount of moisture 

Related Words: xerasia, excessive dryness of hair
xerophyte, a plant which is able to survive in an environment with little available water
xerotic, dry
xerosis, an abnormal dryness of the skin or mucus membranes

Sentence Examples:
• Even greater differences in the local aspect of woodland on the hillsides are caused by slope exposure. On south facing slopes, [Pg 93] especially, the woodland is noticeably different from that in other situations, and of more xeric aspect. -The Forest Habitat of the University of Kansas Natural History Reservation, Henry S. Fitch, Ronald L. McGregor

• As he points out, that species requires hydric communities of cool climates, and in the Wisconsin Glacial age such climates probably prevailed in the high mountainous region where San Josecito is located. Since the time when a more mesic boreal environment occurred at San Josecito, climatic shifts have favored more xeric conditions as are found in the vicinity of the cave today. -Pleistocene Pocket Gophers From San Josecito Cave, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Robert J. Russell

• The aridity of western Coahuila restricts, to a large extent, the diversity of the breeding populations of its avifauna. Xeric conditions surrounding some of the higher mountains are barriers to movement of some species. -Birds from Coahuila, Mexico, Emil K. Urban

The Storyline
Meanwhile Anna was on the bus headed to work, staring out the window at the plants struggling to survive, ill-suited to the xeric conditions brought on by the recent drought.

Sources: Dictionary.com

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