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he•ster•nal (he-STER-nuhl)  adj

of or pertaining to yesterday

from Latin hesternus "of yesterday"

Synonyms: yester
Related Words:
hodiernal (ho-di-ER-nuhl) of or pertaining to the present day
nudiustertian (nu-di-uhs-TUR-shuhn) of or relating to the day before yesterday
crastinal (tense) is a future tense for the following day

Sentence Examples:
• "There is ice at both poles, north and south—all extremes are the same—misery belongs to the highest and the lowest only,—to the emperor and Pg 24the beggar, when unsixpenced and unthroned. There is, to be sure, a damned insipid medium—an equinoctial line—no one knows where, except upon maps and measurement.
"'And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death.'
I will keep no further journal of that same hesternal torch-light; and, to prevent me from returning, like a dog, to the vomit of memory, I tear out the remaining leaves of this volume, and write, in Ipecacuanha,—'that the Bourbons are restored!!!'—'Hang up philosophy.' To be sure, I have long despised myself and man, but I never spat in the face of my species before—'O fool! I shall go mad.'"
 -Life of Lord Byron, Thomas Moore

• I rose by candle-light, and consumed, in the intensest application, the hours which every other individual of our party wasted in enervating slumbers, from the hesternal dissipation or debauch. -Pelham, Edward Bulwer-Lytton

• Indoor smoking is detestable. Life has few direr disenchanters than the morning smells of obsolete tobacco, relics though they be of hesternal beatitude. -Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce, E. R. Billings

The Storyline
The unfinished hesternal papers and reports were right where she had left them No kind soul had completed the tasks in the interim and they didn't vanish on their own accord.

Sources: Wordsmith

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