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tem•e•rar•i•ous (tem-uh-RAIR-ee-uhs)  adj

presumptuously or recklessly daring

temerariousness noun;  temerariously adverb

1532; from L. temerarius “fortuitous, rash,” from temere “blindly, rashly”, related to tenebrae "darkness," from PIE base *temes- "dark"

Synonyms: reckless, rash, brash, daring, foolhardy, heedless
Related Words: temerity

Sentence Examples:
• The Master of the Horse was a young officer of a brave and even temerarious disposition.  He greeted the news with delight, and hastened to make ready.  -New Arabian Nights, Robert Louis Stevenson

• To look back upon the past year, and see how little we have striven and to what small purpose: and how often we have been cowardly and hung back, or temerarious and rushed unwisely in; and how every day and all day long we have transgressed the law of kindness;--it may seem a paradox, but in the bitterness of these discoveries, a certain consolation resides. -A Christmas Sermon, Robert Louis Stevenson

• When the guard mounted to his post he was sure he saw a temerarious Yankee in front of him, and hastened to slay him.  -Andersonville, John McElroy

The Storyline
... and she tried to formulate the best way to suggest something so temerarious as getting back to work.

Sources: Free Dictionary, Online Etymology

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