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mis•o•ne•is•m (mis-oh-NEE-iz-uhm)  n

a hatred, fear, or intolerance of innovation or change

misoneist noun; misoneistic adjective

1886; Italian misoneismo, from Greek misein + neos new + Italian -ismo -ism

Related Words:from neo: neon, neophyte, new
from miso: misogamy, misogyny, misandry

Sentence Examples:
• Every progress in nature is the result of a struggle between the tendency to immobility, manifested by misoneism, or the hatred of novelty, and a foreign force which seeks to conquer this tendency. -Criminal Man, Gina Lombroso-Ferrero

• In the hypothesis of collective invention, it seems that the mass of people should applaud inventors, recognizing itself in them, seeing its confused thought take form and body: but most often the contrary happens. The misoneism of crowds seems to me one of the strongest arguments in favor of the individual character of invention. -Essay on the Creative Imagination, Th. Ribot

• Philoneism may be nobler and more humane, but, unfortunately, it is only misoneism that is true. Generally speaking, every man only works in order to avoid unpleasantness.  -Anarchism, E. V. Zenker

The Storyline
"What is this?!",  was the voice that turned her eyes up for the stack of papers. Her assistant was holding the schedule in the new format and was clearly agitated. This was no surprise. Each time Anna tried to innovate or improve, Jack's misoneism provoked a clash.

Sources: Merriam-Webster

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