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ju•ve•nes•cent (joo-vuh-NES-uhnt)  adj

1. being or becoming youthful; young
2. young in appearance
3. having the power to make young or youthful

juvenescence noun

1815–25;  from L juvene-scent-  (s. of juvene-sce-ns,  prp. of juvene-scere  to become youthful), equiv. to juven-  young  + -escent

Related Words: juvenal, rejuvenate, juvenile, junior

Sentence Examples:
• "But it's just like her," he said. "She is the sort of relative who always does turn up unexpectedly, Dolly. How does she look?"
"Juvenescent," said Dolly; "depressingly so to persons who rely upon her for the realizing of expectations. A very few minutes satisfied me that I should never become Mrs. Griffith Donne upon her money."
-Vagabondia, Frances Hodgson Burnett

• It had been a dull, wet day and he was sitting by his fire, when there came a tap at his door. "Flora;" by which juvenescent name his aged Indian handmaid was known, usually announced her presence with an imitation of a curlew's cry: it could not be her. -Drift from Two Shores, Bret Harte

• She was the great passion of every soul, she, the Virgin most powerful, the Virgin most merciful, the Mirror of Justice, the Seat of Wisdom. All hands were stretched towards her, Mystical Rose in the dim light of the chapels, Tower of Ivory on the horizon of dreamland, Gate of Heaven leading into the Infinite. Each day at early dawn she shone forth, bright Morning Star, gay with juvenescent hope. Lourdes, Emile Zola

The Storyline
While only in her late 20s, Anna was the oldest person on the juvenescent staff at the bookstore.

Sources: Dictionary.com

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