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re•nas•cent (ri-NEY-suhnt)  adj

being reborn; springing again into being or vigor

renascence noun;  renascently adverb

1727, from renascent, from L. renascentem (nom. renascens), prp. of renasci "be born again"

Synonyms: awakened,  invigorated,  reactivated, reanimated, reborn, recovered, recrudescent, regenerated, rejuvenatd, renewed, restored,  resurrected, revitalizated, revived, revivified
Related Words: from renasci: Renaissance
from nasci: natal, cognate, nascent, innate, native, nation

Sentence Examples:
• And yet, starting from this last platitude, one may perhaps be suffered to speculate as to the particular forms that our renascent drama is likely to assume.  For our drama is renascent, and nothing will stop its growth.  It is not renascent because this or that man is writing, but because of a new spirit. -Essays Concerning Letters, John Galsworthy

• In the early days of renascent humanism, the first to renew the pastoral tradition, broken for some ten centuries, was Francesco Petrarca. -Pastoral Poetry and Pastoral Drama, Walter W. Greg

• Altogether, these public parks, which are now being planted all over south Italy, testify to renascent taste; they and the burial-places are often the only spots where the deafened and light-bedazzled stranger may find a little green content. -Old Calabria, Norman Douglas

The Storyline
which now included flossing on her way to work, owing to her renascent interest in dental hygiene and her nascent willingness to ignore the stares of her fellow passengers.

Sources: Dictionary.com, Online Etymology

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