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tran•spic•u•ous (tran-SPIK-yoo-uhs)  adj

easily understood or seen through

transpicuously adverb
1638; from Latin transpicere to look through, from trans- + specere to look

Synonyms: transparent, clear, apprehensible, comprehensible, evident, graspable, lucent, lucid, obvious, perceptible, plain, unambiguous
Antonym: recondite
Related Words: from specere to look: conspicuous, perspicuous, specimen, spectrum, speculum, aspect, spectacle, respect, introspection, expect, suspect, despicable, circumspect, speculation, perspective, inspection

Sentence Examples:
•                     On earth no wave
How clean soe'er, that would not seem to have
Some mixture in itself, compar'd with this,
Transpicuous, clear; yet darkly on it roll'd,
Darkly beneath perpetual gloom, which ne'er
Admits or sun or moon light there to shine.
-Purgatory, Dante Alighieri

• Relations with uncooked food are, in Versailles, distinguished by an unwonted intimacy. No one, however dignified his station or appearance, is ashamed of purchasing the materials for his dinner in the open market, or of carrying them home exposed to the view of the world through the transpicuous meshes of a string bag. -A Versailles Christmas-Tide, Mary Stuart Boyd

• Inside and outside he was transpicuous; his virtues were more than a model to the world. -The Zen Experience, Thomas Hoover

The Storyline
His name was Roger, the homeless man on the street. And he had become accustomed to be both invisible and opaque, neither seen nor understood, neither conspicuous nor transpicuous. It was this liminal space that he made his home, and it played games with his mind.

Sources: Merriam-Webster, Free Dictionary, Dictionary.com

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