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fec•u•lent (FEK-yuh-luhnt)  adj

full of foul or impure matter; fecal

feculence noun; feculency adjective

1425–75; from M.Fr. féculent, from L. faeculentus "abounding in dregs," from stem faec-

Synonyms: dirty, polluted, fecal, foul, impure, miry, nasty, putrid, soiled, unclean, vile
Related Words: fecal, feces

Sentence Examples:
• In due time he was dragged across, half strangled, and dreadfully beslubbered by the feculent waters.  "There," said the Ferryman, hauling him ashore and disengaging him, "you are now in the City of Political Distinction.  It has fifty millions of inhabitants, and as the colour of the Filthy Pool does not wash off, they all look exactly alike." -Fantastic Fables, Ambrose Bierce

• The political cesspool is deeper, broader, filthier and more feculent than ever. Seward is triumphant, and the patriots have very much elongated countenances. -Diary, Adam Gurowski
• And as the real source of all this mischief is either a foul and feculent humour or a black and gross vapour, which obscures, empoisons, and contaminates the animal spirits, it is proper afterwards that he should have a bath of pure and clean water, with abundance of whey; to purify, by the water, the feculency of the foul humour, and by the whey to clarify the blackness of the vapour. -Monsieur de Pourceaugnac, Molière

The Storyline
And watching the clear disregard her staff had for her moved that mood from sour to foul to feculent.

Sources: Free Dictionary, Online Etymology

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