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co•e•ta•ne•ous (koh-i-TEY-nee-uhs)  adj

of equal age, duration, or period; coeval

coetaneity noun; coetaneously adverb

1600–10; from L.L. coaetanus "one of the same age," from com- "with, together with" + aetat- "age" + adj. suffix -aneus

Synonyms: contemporary, coeval, coexistent, coexisting, concomitant, contemporaneous, simultaneous, synchronic, synchronous

Sentence Examples:
• But it is unnecessary to multiply evidence in proof of the antiquity of the Negro. His presence in this world was coetaneous with the other families of mankind: here he has toiled with a varied fortune; and here under God—his God—he will, in the process of time, work out all the sublime problems connected with his future as a man and a brother. -History of the Negro Race in America From 1619 to 1880, George W. Williams

• So is it with us, now skeptical or without unity, because immersed in forms and effects all seeming to be of equal yet hostile value, and now religious, whilst in the reception of spiritual law. Bear with these distractions, with this coetaneous growth of the parts; they will one day be members, and obey one will. On that one will, on that secret cause, they nail our attention and hope. -Essays, Ralph Waldo Emerson

• We have shown that entire sanctification is coetaneous with the baptism with the Holy Ghost, in fact, that the two experiences are in an important sense identical, or, at least, so related to each other that whoever has one has the other. It is Christ and none other who baptizes with the Holy. Ghost. -The Theology of Holiness, Dougan Clark

The Storyline
Suddenly she became aware that her headache was in fact coetaneous with the time she'd been in the store.

Sources: Wordnik, Online Etymology

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